The Blinding of Isaac is a roguelike dungeon crawler, where the player must navigate a series of levels in his mother's house to escape being killed. He must fight enemies, and bosses, collect items and powerups to survive through the 8 levels.


The controls of the game are explained on beginning the game with them being scrawled on the ground in the very first room that the player is in. With the WASD keys moving the player character, and the arrow keys shooting in the various directions. the Shift or E keys are mapped to setting bombs (which must be acquired by the player as they go on), and the spacebar will use an item, of which the player can only have one at a time.Controls

The DungeonEdit

The dungeons in The Blinding of Isaac are all randomly generated each time the player starts a new game. This makes it so there is no way to memorize anything but enemy types, and the player gets a new experience every playthrough. If a player is having a bad run, it is often advisable to just let yourself die, and hope that your next play will give you better items.